Plus Size Jeans 101

Wondering how to find the right plus size denim for your shape? Our guide takes you through the most popular denim silhouettes so you can find the right one for your unique shape.

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Before we dive into each unique denim silhouette and how it fits and flatters various body types, let’s debunk a few plus size jeans myths, shall we?


  • Fashion Myth #1: You must be skinny to wear skinny jeans.
    It’s no wonder that this myth came to be, as the word “skinny” is in its descriptor. Keep in mind that the word “skinny,” is a descriptor of the jean itself and not of the person who wears it. All body types can rock a great pair of skinny jeans, regardless of size. Yes, including you!
  • Fashion Myth #2: Women sizes 14 and above can’t find jeans that fit well.
    As a matter of fact, denim is a favorite category among Dia&Co customers. Even if you’ve never had a great denim shopping experience, we promise that your Dia Stylist can find you the perfect pair of jeans. Not to mention, you can try them on at home instead of in a poorly lit dressing room.
  • Fashion Myth #3: Boyfriend jeans can only be worn by thin women.
    While it may be a challenge for those of us with hippier figures to wear boyfriend jeans, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull off this silhouette, which is designed for women. There are boyfriend jeans out there created with hips and curves in mind, and you will look fabulous in them!

If you’ve stuck to one silhouette of denim in the past, now’s the time to embark on your jeans journey—you just may find a new favorite silhouette! 

plus size skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are fitted all the way from the waist to the ankle.

Get the fit:

  • If you are top or midsection-heavy, you may struggle to find jeans that are roomy enough at the waist but also fitted enough through the leg and at the ankle. Let your Dia Stylist know that you prefer skinny jeans with stretch so you can find a pair that will fit you everywhere.
  • If you are hourglass or bottom-heavy, it might be tricky to find jeans that fit over your hips and rear without gaping at the waist. Look for denim with spandex or let your Dia Stylist know to look for stretchy styles so you’re not constantly pulling up your jeans.
plus size straight leg jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans only slightly taper from the waist to the ankle. Unlike skinny jeans that are fitted throughout the leg, straight leg jeans should not be tight on the calf or ankle.

Get the fit:

  • If you have wide hips, it might be tricky to find the right straight leg jeans—sometimes our curves can compromise the silhouette of the jean. That being said, you still just might love the way you look in straight leg jeans.
plus size bootcut jeans

Bootcut Jeans

The term bootcut means that if you were to throw on a pair of boots, your bootcut jean would flare out starting at the knee so that your boots would fit under your jeans seamlessly. The flare is not as extreme as the bellbottoms of the 60s and 70s, instead, think about cowboys from the Wild West and their cowboy bootcut jeans.

Get the fit:

  • If you have a hippy figure, you may have been told to wear bootcut jeans to balance out your hips. While proportionately bootcut jeans may look great on you, we also believe you should try out other silhouettes, too. Don’t get stuck in a denim rut!
plus size boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Often distressed and worn cuffed, boyfriend jeans have a looser, more straight-leg fit. Instead of being fitted at the knee like bootcut jeans, they have a relaxed fit throughout the leg and get their name from their menswear-inspired style.

Get the fit:

  • If you have curvier hips and calves, you may be disappointed to discover that your curves change the silhouette of boyfriend jeans from a straight-leg look to something a bit more fitted like a skinny jean. It happens, and it’s totally okay. Embrace your curvy figure and enjoy this borrowed-from-the-boys silhouette!


Looking for more plus size denim inspiration? Check out our guide to wearing jeans every day of the week. Denim is incredibly versatile and is a wardrobe staple for good reason, it even can be dressed up for work. Make sure to try out new silhouettes so you can put a spin on your everyday outfits!