“Short” Stories From the Dia Community

The long and short of how these 5 women feel about shorts.

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Even though wearing shorts is one of the simplest ways to stay cool during those sweltering-hot summer days, not everyone feels 100% comfortable showing that much skin. But, here at Dia&Co, we firmly believe that all legs are good legs—and each pair is equally deserving of their moment in the sun. So, with all that in mind, we reached out to the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group to learn how you feel about the leg-baring summer staple. Here are just a few of your answers. *Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity and length.

The Answers

plus size shorts metallic gold tank and white shorts

“I used to, but stopped, and now I am ready to try it again. Thick thighs here—haven’t worn shorts in over 10 years.”

Kara F.

plus size shorts minnie mouse ears arrow tank top black shorts

“I live in south Louisiana—before that, Texas. It is too hot around here for pants. So sorry if you don’t want to see. Don’t look. But I’m not about to have a heat stroke because my legs aren’t ‘runway-ready.'”

Faline K.

plus size shorts black tank denim distressed shorts

“Last summer was the summer I finally swore off shorts. They were uncomfortable, and I was so self-conscious about my cellulite. Then I got a pair of shorts from Dia that was actually comfortable and I felt so encouraged by the rest of the Dia Community. I now have four pairs of shorts this summer.”

Marisa F.

plus size shorts striped tank denim shorts

“I’ve always worn shorts. The summers are meant for shorts where I live. Never been afraid—probably because I think I have great legs.”

Soledad G.



plus size shorts black and white polka dot tee olive capris

“I haven’t (yet) embraced shorts but I did change my Dia profile from ‘no shorts!’ I’m broadening my horizons as I learn to trust my stylist.”

Beth R.



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