4 Times the Internet Made Us Love Our Bodies Even More This Week

this week in body positivity

We can’t believe how fast the months are flying by—and, thankfully, the body-positive news cycle isn’t slowing down either. Read on to jump-start your active life, remember some of the most beloved plus-size heroines from TV and film, transform negativity into art, and stop airbrushed imagery from getting to you.


1. Louise Green gives us her tips for meeting your wellness goals

You may know the “Big Fit Girl,” Louise Green, from our Fitness Friday Facebook Live series. In this great piece for Shape, Louise gives her 6 tips and tricks for achieving your fitness goals. Whether you’re upping your activity level or just want to make amazing things happen, Louise’s advice will help you overcome your fears—whatever they may be.

2. The plus-size heroines in rom-com history

Though plus-size leads in romantic comedies may not frequently be seen on screen, Rebel Wilson‘s star turn in the upcoming “Isn’t It Romantic” is far from the first. From Queen Latifah to Melissa McCarthy, The Mary Sue recaps some of the past plus-size leads of TV and film. As mentioned in the article, the most-loved characters don’t define their lives by their sizes.

3. How one reality star turned the words of haters into an amazing Halloween costume

They say never to read the comments. But for Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson, she found a way to make Halloween magic with the negative words used against her. Though Emily says that viewers usually comment positively on her appearance, a few haters find their way into the mix. Instead of letting the words get to her, she dressed as the very thing they called her.

4. Why you can’t believe everything you see in the media

Model and body-positive advocate, Kate Wasley, took to Instagram to demonstrate that what we see in the media isn’t always the reality. In a quick video, she showed her followers how quickly an image could be retouched to remove all “imperfections.” She hopes that this teaches people not to compare themselves to what they see online or in magainzes—because you just don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.


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Here’s the body positivity news that made us smile during
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