3 End of Summer Body Positivity Tips

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The hype about “getting that summer body” is harmful, damaging, and unrealistic. While we’d, of course, prefer seasonal messages to be more inclusive, fall brings us a much-needed breather. Before New Year’s Resolution agendas come in full throttle in December, let’s enjoy the break from negative messaging and continue to embrace body positivity.

So, without further ado, here are three tips for staying body positive throughout the fall season.

1. Listen to your body.

Over the summer, diet and exercise recommendations are advertised everywhere. Dia&Co is here to support and build you up just the way you are with stylish plus-size clothing for women.

A confident body image comes from the inside—despite the negative influences on the outside. It takes a lot of courage to stand up, accept and love who you are, regardless of the mixed messages from the media. We’re here to remind you that an ideal look isn’t achieved through a cookie-cutter image but through comfort and confidence in your own skin.

At Dia&Co, we encourage you to listen to your body instead of buying into trending diets and painful workouts. What is your body hungry for? How does your body want to move? You have the power to define what makes you feel healthy and happy—and we hope you’ll take these self-defined lessons with you into fall.


2. Wear what makes you feel confident.

At some point in our lives, all of us have likely felt obligated to look, dress, or act a certain way. For centuries, women have been expected to fit a certain standard of feminine expectations, leaving little-to-no room for body positivity and style exploration. Well, perfection doesn’t mean “without flaws,” nor does it have a set appearance. Fortunately, our modern world is constantly challenging body image, and plus-size fashion and style are constantly evolvingwedding dresses are no longer white, plus-size clothing is increasingly available online, and dressing in a casual manner is now acceptable at high-end restaurants.

With that acceptance comes the opportunity to challenge self-presentation. Luckily, your stylist here at Dia&Co has your confidence in mind and can help you style an image that reflects that. So, if you feel confident wearing a plus-size bomber to your next executive meeting, go right ahead.


3. Trust that it’s a process.

Anyone who has ever had difficulty cultivating a positive body image knows how impossible the journey to confidence can feel. The difficulty is often a combination of the struggles as well as the tough lessons you learn when you start truly loving yourself.

Body positivity isn’t about crossing a finish line or summiting a mountain—it’s an ever-changing and lifelong journey. How you love yourself now might look very different in the long run. So, relax and take a breather. Self-love has no limit or deadline. There’s no rush in learning how to love yourself.

Feeling good about yourself and where you’re at doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, most of us are way too hard on ourselves. So, this fall, don’t aim to please, but aim to feel great in the body you have now—we’re just here to dress you with impeccable style.


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The agenda to “get your summer body” isn’t conducive to body positivity. However, the season is finally coming to a close. As fall sets in, let’s look at some of the collective lessons we’ve learned on body positivity and how we can apply them in the chilly months to come.

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