6 Ways to Reinvent Florals for Spring

Not a fan of traditional floral styles? Here’s how 6 different women have carved out their own paths to the season’s garden-variety print.

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There’s no question that florals are the perfect print for spring. Even if they haven’t been your cup of tea in the past, an unexpected version of the pattern or a non-traditional way of rocking it may just change your mind. To prove that it’s possible to put your own unique spin on the seasonal favorite, we reached out to the Dia&Co team and members of the Dia Community to show us how.

“Look, it’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of floral. Probably because, in my mind, it’s quintessentially feminine—and I most certainly am not. Dia has really taught me how to overcome my floral fear and make it my own. I do this by picking darker florals or less traditional floral prints, like this succulent print. I can also add edgy touches like combat boots, a leather jacket, or some cool moto jeans. Taking pieces like this and making them my own reminds me that I get to define fashion—fashion doesn’t define me.”

Dia&Co Customer Jess H.

“Florals on flowy pieces are my go-to for bohemian-inspired looks. For this look, though, I took my high-low maxi dress and added a knot at the waist. This took my outfit from fun and free to a true va-va-voom moment!”

Dia&Co Community Manager, Lauren B.

“I love florals and I love adding belts to dresses. So when I got this dress in one of my Dia Boxes, I knew exactly what belt I wanted to add! I love adding a little edge to a feminine print to give it a more rocker-chick feel.”

Dia&Co Customer Erin K.

“Wearing floral with a monochromatic color scheme creates an effortless way to add unexpected pops of color. Adding a colored jacket in unpredictable spring weather, like this faux fur, keeps it fresh and perfect for the season. Everyone expects the flowers to be pink and purple, but not the jacket and my hair!”

Dia Stylist Randi N.

“One of my favorite things about floral is that it may say ‘spring,’ but you can dress it for every season. I love a floral with a dark background like this so that I can wear it with dark jeans and boots—and make it a more earthy look for a cooler season. Or I can pick out a brighter color from the floral print, say the pink or light blue, and I can throw on a skirt and a brightly colored pair of tights that matches for an instant springtime look!”

Dia&Co Customer Cailey B.

plus-size florals janet obadiah floral kimono overalls

“Florals are perfect year-round, for any age or body type. There are countless variations of floral patterns that I love and a variety of ways to embrace them. I love a beautiful and flowy kimono, especially in the springtime. This piece is perfect to dress up or down, so I’ve paired it with denim overalls and a black bodysuit for a semi-casual, yet flirty, look.”

Dia Stylist Janet O.